Case Studies

Vision360 may be implemented effectively into a variety of vertical markets. The following case studies illustrate how a key few of these were delivered.

DeltaGold – IT Networking Services

After reviewing several Incident Management Packages in the pursuit of an integrated all-in-one solution, DeltaGold implemented Vision360 to mange their business process.

With Vision360 the life cycle of the supply, install and support process is connected at every step to their business software. Functions such as task management are connected to site visits. Each site visit communicates with the client equipment register. Tasks and Site Visits communicate with maintenance contracts.

Accessing Vision360 remotely from client sites, Technicians can easily view company equipment inventories, site visit and support history. As well as streamlining the support process, this also allows for better, more informed decision making. New equipment supplied during a site visit is added to the client equipment inventory. Paperwork is minimised and automated.

Back at the office Maintenance contracts can be reviewed for profitability based on time spent supporting the asset. Central controllers can monitor task progress and review workloads.

Note: To date all customisations required by DeltaGold has been viewed as beneficial to the Vision360 community. This has been developed under the Public-Free scheme at no cost to DeltaGold.

Irene Stein – Tele/Mail Order Business of health and beauty supplies.

Irene Stein required a software application to manage the order taking process and product despatch. In addition it would need to facilitate prospecting and in-house task management.

Their health and beauty products consist of several components. The parts explosion feature within stock management ensures that the sale of a single product effected stock balances of all components.

A team of telephone based sales staff receives orders and input these into Vision360. During this operation staff are able to review client details, history and credit status.

Marketing regularly queries the database for slow or dormant clients and produces mail shots in an attempt to re-activate them. Large volume mailings are grouped and sorted according to Post Office requirements in order to achieve postal savings. Pro-active telesales campaigns are also managed via Vision360.

Management is able to instantly evaluate daily/hourly sales drilling down to slow moving product lines.

Eidetic communications – London based Advertising Agency

Eidetic were searching for a solution that would replace the agencies manual ‘job bag’ model. Each job bag contained information about a client’s project c/w numerous 3rd party quotations and project costing.

Using Vision360 staff are able to centralise the management of a client job. Each project is broken down into individual cost components. Each component can then be actioned by sending out RFP (Request for Proposal) to identified potential suppliers. Internal costs including timesheets are also added to each project. Costs are compared, winning bid is awarded and work is in progress. Client estimate forms are produced automatically and each cost item and the sum of all cost items within the project are analysed for projected/actual profit.

Supplier profiles are built based on track record success when bidding for job components. Management can see at a glance the value of work in the various stages of the project pipeline (Estimated, In Progress, Completed, and Invoiced).

Inter Reach – Software Consultancy

Perhaps the easiest of all case studies to communicate is our own. We use our own software because there is really no other alternative. Our database contains prospects, which we endeavour to convert into clients. These clients receive orders generated as result of one off projects via job bag, or generated by the subscription object for Internet services or Software licenses. Our stock database contains software products and standard services such as ‘Programming days’ or ‘telephone support incident’

We manage all support requests via Task Manager and if required escalate these to on-site visits, or in our case an Internet based site visit via remote software.

Reports provide us with real time views of our business and its success. We constantly monitor profitability of support channels based on duration and frequency of support incidents.

Accounts receivable and account statuses serve as key management reports within our company.

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