The Vision360 community ensures your software keeps pace with your organisation.

Its objective is to provide a platform for user contribution into the ongoing growth of Vision360. Most users require a degree of customisation. This requirement will fall into one of 3 levels within the community.

Public Free

Change requirements Inter Reach views as being of immediate and logical benefit to the entire Vision360 community. Programming will be carried out free of charge and all Vision360 users will benefit.

Public Subsidised

Those changes that may benefit Vision360 to a degree but would otherwise be limited to the specific user. Programming charge is subsidised.


User elects not to share the enhancement with the community. The enhancement will only be activated for the paying Vision360 community member.

Programming will be charged at the normal Vision360 community rate.

All public modifications whether initiated by a Vision360 community member of Inter Reach research will be released to the community on a regular basis (approx. every 7-14 days).

Many private modifications are carried out and released immediately. Depending on the size of the change, this may be as low as a same day turnaround.

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