Vision360 Core Business Objects and Descriptions

Many businesses operate a plethora of disconnected applications. Often a back office accounting package is run in parallel with a front office sales tool with little or no electronic data interchange. Added to this, a variety of spreadsheets may track and manage specific functions such as job costs or project quotations. Then, Outlook manages To Do lists and client meetings. A 3rd party application may handles support and incident management or some other process specific to your industry. All may function adequately as stand alone applications, however when co-existing in a disconnected manner the ‘sum is greater than the parts’ equation is reversed. The result is an organisation with poor and over laborious process management and fragmented management intelligence.

Vision360 functions as a single unified business solution. Now the various phases of your client and company life cycles are related. Prospecting, engaging, supporting and reporting is all carried out within a common workspace. This same workspace allows you complete visibility of your organisations sales history, work in progress and resource analysis.

Note: Vision360 is installed on your Laptop, PC or network server. Both the software and data are stored locally within your company and not on a shared Internet server.

Business Objects

The following business objects form the core of the Vision360 Business Server. They are all intelligently related and inter linked to function as a single and powerful software entity. All objects can be customised and extended if required.

Companies and Contacts Database

Central and detailed storage of all companies and contact information pertaining to your business. This includes Prospects, Clients, Suppliers and your own organisation and staff members.

Order Processing

Sales and Purchase orders and Client account information

Job Bag

Electronic project ‘Job Bag’ allowing for RFP (Request for Proposal) automation to suppliers and Project cost and profit analysis.


Recurring services management for subscriptions and maintenance contracts.

Task Management

Central task management covering To-Do type tasks, as well as support incidents.

Site Visits

Technician Site Visit management, analysis reports and documentation

Equipment Manager

Manages your Client’s Site Equipment Inventories and history/performance.

Stock Control

Fully featured stock management module

Pre-Paid Client Assets

Manages Pre-Paid blocks of time or goods and services. Typically used for administrating pre-paid support calls or blocks of hours.

Behind the scenes

Process Automation

Sending of emails, letters are automated and logged

Event Horizon

Alerts user to key events occurring within the business objects.


Financial and analytical reports and controls

Data Gateway

Data interchange tool for data exchange between Vision360 and 3rd party software

Additional Modules


On-Line e-commerce solution for Internet based sales


Web Based Project collaboration for Job Bag projects


Web Based Project collaboration for Production teams


Marketing Promotions Management solution for coupon redemption and product despatch

vision@interreach.com for details

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