Vision360 is leased affording you a low and 100% tax deductible monthly expense.

Note: Vision360 is not ASP (Application Service Provider) solution. Our clients have all voiced reservations over holding their business data in a location that requires them to have permanent Internet access and is shared by others, most likely including their competitors. For this reason Vision360 is installed on your Laptop, PC or network server. Both the software and data are stored locally within your company and not on a shared Internet server.

The following prices are monthly lease fees. Inclusion into the Vision360 community is included. Should you require more or less user licenses your monthly fee will simply be adjusted.

Single User Environment

29.95 GBP Per Month

Multi-user Environment

29.95 GBP Per Server


1-10 users: 29.95 GBP Per Month per user

11-20 users: 24.95 GBP Per Month per user

On-Site Set-up - optional

Priced by Reseller

Support and Maintenance - optional

Ongoing upgrades no charge

Email support no charge

Phone support 20GBP per incident

Remote access monitor and support set-up 50GBP, 20GBP per incident (includes phone incident support at no cost if required)

Customisations - if required

See community for information

Type Hourly rate
Public Free no charge
Public Subsidised 30 GBP per hour
Private 50 GBP per hour

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